October 23, 2009

Sketch 4 - Card #3

For this card, I reversed the printed paper effect and used a pre-printed card, layered with solid card stock for the square.  Repeating the dots on the card, I used circles instead of squares for the punched shapes and another button from my stash. 

I conserved my ribbon by running a flat piece through the label tag and wrapped just the ends around the back instead.  The ribbon knot is created using a much smaller length of ribbon tied just around the front piece.  While this only saves about 4-5" of ribbon, when you are making 40 kits it adds up!  If you are only making a few cards, its a great way to use up those small scraps of ribbons and fibers.  Don't be afraid to mix and match either.

It's kind of funny but I used to laugh at my friends for never being able to throw anything away but I realize that I've become just like them!

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