May 2, 2010

CBD Card Contest Winners

Our first quarter card contest from my Cheaper By The Dozen class is over and the results are in.  We actually had a tie for first place so I asked my craft sister, Peggy, to cast the tie breaker vote to keep the judging as unbiased as possible.  Although the contest is set up to only have one winner per contest, I decided to do a first and second place this time.

And the 1st place winner is . . . . Barb Voelkel!  Barb submitted a twist on the "cocoa monkey" pocket card.  Using some printed paper, an embossed and popped coffee mug and a palette of soft greens, shades of taupe and accents of black, Barb created a winning card.  On the inside of the card, she layered the scalloped pocket and repeated the circles punched from the printed paper.  Tucked inside the pocket was a packet of cocoa and a coffee stirrer - a greeting card and a gift all in one.

Our 2nd place winner is the fun-loving team of Bonnie Brill and Jan Heller.  Their card was also a twist on the "cocoa monkey" pocket card.  Bonnie and Jan used a completely different color palette - purples, pinks and greens and included a packet of seeds in their Mother's Day version.  What a clever idea!

Thanks to all who submitted cards and to all my fabulous "Cheaper Chicks" for voting.  Don't forget that entries for the 2nd quarter contest are due to me by July 1.  Click here for all the contest rules.  Check the class list on the right for future dates of CBD classes.

Congratulations to Barb, Bonnie and Jan!

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