August 30, 2010

USAQ DT Challenge - Studio Cloth

Finally!  I must say that when I started this project I didn't anticipate just how long it would take so I do apologize to all of you and my DT mates for the very long delay in getting the last USAQ DT challenge project completed and posted.  But, I must say it was certainly worth it.  I just the love the results of this awesome tote bag!

While the project was not particularly difficult, I did have a few learnings along the way that I thought I'd share with you before I give you the step-by-step detail.

  • First, plan ahead - mostly for the drying time needed between steps and for each side.
  • Second, test your background colors against the napkin you plan to use.  I found that while my colors all coordinated beautifully, the thin top layer of the napkin was no match for the purple and green backdrop so I simply used my pigments to enhance the image.
  • Third, make sure you have enough of the materials you will need for the project - paint, PPA, etc.
  • Finally - have fun!
Now for the instructions:

Here's the flip side of my fun tote.  I hope you'll try this project and send me photos of your finished piece!


Jan said...

very unique and love the colors!

askusaqsue said...

Great idea! Yes, the background does make a difference - that part was a learning curve for me too. (I've also painted light colors 'behind' an image, but it's a pain in the neck...but when you get a lemon....) Great project Connie.

Sarah Anderson said...

fab colours Connie, and a great project idea :)

Julie Ranae said...

what a great project Connie...totally worth the wait indeed!