July 26, 2009

Sneak Peek and a How To

For many of you, the excitement is building - Stampaway is just a few short days away and you're gathering your class supplies and plotting your shopping strategy.

In years past, I would be doing the same thing. This year is different for me. I'm going to be teaching classes so I thought you might enjoy a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes when I'm getting ready for a class. Instead of posting a card, this is a photo of the goodie bags (well, actually they are envelopes) that will go in the kits for the "Cards with Verse-atility" class.

Now, on to the how-to: Sharon posted a comment asking how I incorporated the dryer sheet into my Christmas in July cards (click here and here to see the original posts).

To create the frosty look, simply create your image panel (stamp and color as desired) and then run it through a Xyron machine so that the adhesive is on the image side of the panel. Remove the protective film and release sheet. Lay the image in a tray or on a clean sheet of paper and gently lay the dryer sheet (one that has been used but is clean) on top of the image panel. Place the release paper on top and gently brayer over the top to help the dryer sheet adhere to the image panel. Remove the release paper and sprinkle the entire image with glitter. Place the release paper over the image panel again and brayer once more to push the glitter through the dryer sheet and onto the adhesive on the image panel. Remove the release paper. Lift the image panel and gently tap off the excess glitter. Trim the dryer sheet to be even with the edges of the cardstock or wrap them around to the wrong side and adhere in place.

See you at Stampaway!


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Moose Ridge said...

can't wait -- I am in your Verse-atility class!

Dunlap TN